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every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end ?

HEY, GUYS. SO BASICALLY, in light of LJ's continually bad decisions and service, I'm retiring this account. Sort of. A little bit of the more recent fandom material will stay unlocked/available. I'll still be using the journal to check my f-list/comment on other people's journals (+stealthily download doujin, if people continue posting them here) and posts, but I'm not going to use LJ as a repository for my own blogging anymore.

Which... means basically nothing is changing, because I haven't felt entirely comfortable using it for that lately, anyway. This username has a lot of baggage, both good and bad; I've come to regard it as something of a time capsule of my life since late 2003, and it's time to bury this time capsule. :) I have a new Dreamwidth for personal blogging, but it's mostly only going to be personal blogging (well, probably some fandom stuff, although Tumblr has become a major home of that and I want to blog more about life lately). My friends were cool enough to save me a name to match theirs. Drop yours if you want me to add you. If you don't, no hard feelings.

Please don't spread my name around, though. I'm putting my internet existence on the down low from hence forth. :)
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dusts off LJ some more.

GOOD EVENING! X) I just finished my last in-class final of the semester on Thursday. All that remains is submitting paper+online final on Monday. Otherwise, viva la winter holidays. A small assurance, although I'm nursing the head cold from hell and still have grad stuff to worry about next semester. X( X( X( I'm still not ready to be an adult sometimes.

ANYWAY, I come bearing 'fic.

Title: per aspera ad astra
Author hieronymousb
Rating: PG, maybe.
Characters: Rokudo Mukuro, Chrome Dokuro, Sawada Tsunayoshi. HINTS OF ALL POSSIBLE PAIRINGS THERE. you know my inability to resist the 6996, but. it's also pretty gen-ish I guess.
Warnings: Hm. Nothing, really? A little dream violence. NO ACTUAL BURGERS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS 'FIC.
Summary: Tsuna and his ordeals with his Mist Guardians, post-Spade fight, pre-Arcobaleno arc.

Collapse )
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Tumblr recommendations

Who or what are you following these days? Does anyone have any suggestions for interesting content, whether pics of pretty things or blogs about social issues? I'm looking for some variety for my personal Tumblr's blog roll.
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I'm trying to write 'fic to recalibrate my understanding of Mukuro's character. He's so slippery. Every possible situation or character relationship or even his ideals and motives, I find multiple possible/plausible interpretations of.

Mukuro and Kokuyo.
Mukuro and Chrome.
Mukuro and Tsuna.
Mukuro and Vongola.
Mukuro and The Mafia.
Mukuro and means to an end.
Mukuro and Other Ideals/Things/Etc.

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I'd like to have more KHR friends on my LJ f-list, since I still feel somewhat strange being very talkative or interactive with people via Tumblr. It's not the ideal place to have involved conversations like you would with LJ comments, in my personal opinion. But is it weird to ask for, gosh, I guess, friend recommendations? Whaddya think, f-list? Is it kosher to just go around and scout out interesting-looking fen and friend them? Is there a trick to this? Boy am I out of touch with collecting an LJ social circle for my current fandom.

Now, I have an awesome friend circle for KHR who I mostly think of as a Plurk circle (since that's where we mostly congregate), but Plurk is much more of a behind closed doors kind of place than Tumblr or LJ. I think of Plurk like an improved version of a chat program mixed with a blog like LJ/etc. (actually, Plurk is pretty awesome. like Twitter, but way better for interactive communications), and it's wonderful for holding conversations with people and commenting about my daily goings-on -- better than LJ for that -- but it kind of sucks for like, fan essays, or long involved public ramblings, or that kind of fandom interactivity?

And, yeah. Tumblr. Same caveat I said before. Tumblr is good for some things, but I am tsun at the fact that it seems to have replaced LJ for a significant amount of fandom blogging. It's great for posting interesting shit, but having to reblog a million times just to share back and forth comments is terrible.
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Okay, this sort of pisses me off.

Am I the only one rolling my eyes at all the people saying how accurate this is? Quite a few of these are complete misrepresentations. Take for instance the one about cutting her hair during the fight. In canon, she cut her hair as a sign of placing self-improvement as a fighter over vanity, and the person who wrote these implicitly suggests the exact opposite.

I'm actually not the craziest fan of anyone in Team Seven at this point (mainly because of how Kishimoto has framed their goals, and because I'm rather tsun at Naruto in general nowadays), but this is total bullshit. Disliking a character is someone's prerogative, but "accurate"? These? I think not.
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And then suddenly everything was really, really okay.

Like this perfect state of being okay. Like I could forgive myself for shortcomings or failings or things that troubled me before. And I don't know why I'd spent so much of the past two years or maybe more being by turns hyper-critical of myself and/or overcompensating.

I don't know what's brought about the change in my psychology, or if it's permanent, but I kind of like it.