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I'd like to have more KHR friends on my LJ f-list, since I still feel somewhat strange being very talkative or interactive with people via Tumblr. It's not the ideal place to have involved conversations like you would with LJ comments, in my personal opinion. But is it weird to ask for, gosh, I guess, friend recommendations? Whaddya think, f-list? Is it kosher to just go around and scout out interesting-looking fen and friend them? Is there a trick to this? Boy am I out of touch with collecting an LJ social circle for my current fandom.

Now, I have an awesome friend circle for KHR who I mostly think of as a Plurk circle (since that's where we mostly congregate), but Plurk is much more of a behind closed doors kind of place than Tumblr or LJ. I think of Plurk like an improved version of a chat program mixed with a blog like LJ/etc. (actually, Plurk is pretty awesome. like Twitter, but way better for interactive communications), and it's wonderful for holding conversations with people and commenting about my daily goings-on -- better than LJ for that -- but it kind of sucks for like, fan essays, or long involved public ramblings, or that kind of fandom interactivity?

And, yeah. Tumblr. Same caveat I said before. Tumblr is good for some things, but I am tsun at the fact that it seems to have replaced LJ for a significant amount of fandom blogging. It's great for posting interesting shit, but having to reblog a million times just to share back and forth comments is terrible.
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