... and despair! (hieronymousb) wrote,
... and despair!

every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end ?

HEY, GUYS. SO BASICALLY, in light of LJ's continually bad decisions and service, I'm retiring this account. Sort of. A little bit of the more recent fandom material will stay unlocked/available. I'll still be using the journal to check my f-list/comment on other people's journals (+stealthily download doujin, if people continue posting them here) and posts, but I'm not going to use LJ as a repository for my own blogging anymore.

Which... means basically nothing is changing, because I haven't felt entirely comfortable using it for that lately, anyway. This username has a lot of baggage, both good and bad; I've come to regard it as something of a time capsule of my life since late 2003, and it's time to bury this time capsule. :) I have a new Dreamwidth for personal blogging, but it's mostly only going to be personal blogging (well, probably some fandom stuff, although Tumblr has become a major home of that and I want to blog more about life lately). My friends were cool enough to save me a name to match theirs. Drop yours if you want me to add you. If you don't, no hard feelings.

Please don't spread my name around, though. I'm putting my internet existence on the down low from hence forth. :)
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