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[paranoia meme]

So I've seen the paranoia meme making the rounds on my f-list again. I wanted to give it a go. Hard to think of a good number to choose, but I'm going to go with 30 13. LAWL I RAN OUT OF STEAM.


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I'm stopping here. Reason being that my comments got way longer than I intended. Meme is huge. May or may not do a second part, since I feel I missed a lot of potentially interesting observations.

Writing this meme and reading the memes of others, I realized some things

1) I know a lot of amazing people. Like, seriously. Sometimes I feel I am just perpetually basking in the glow of my amazing friends, people who are all so fantastic and brilliant and varied. I mean, there are people I didn't even put on here who I think are fucking amazing, too. And so I'd just be repeating myself, saying AMAZING, OMG, AMAZING over and over again. I feel pleased to know such gifted, lovely individuals. The lot of you continually humble me and make me strive to do better in my life -- both as a friend and as a human being.

2) A part of the reason I decided to do this meme is because sometimes I think we underestimate our impact on other people. Someone just informed me of my position on someone else's meme, and I was really shocked at what the person had to say about me, as I had been unaware they'd ever even paid me much mind. I just spent a while having a heart-to-heart with a girl I've always considered a very close friend, never knowing for sure if they reciprocated to the same degree, only to find that apparently they did. I've had this experience with other friends before, and, again, it's the most awe-inspiring sense of, wow, really? You care about me like that?

So anyway. Maybe I've had some impact on you and I don't know it. Maybe you've had some impact on me and you don't know it. Maybe we wonder about what makes each other tick. Never hurts to share a little bit. Here's to you, my darlings.
[khr] KUFUFU <3

In which the 6996 fangirling continues.

And lo, the sky opened up and delivered fucking amazing Mukuro/Chrome fic. WHICH YOU SHOULD READ. EVEN IF YOU ARE COOL ON THE PAIRING. Because holy shit. So good.

And then much mutual flailing was had and the world was a beautiful place.

Am partly sharing this because my first post on KHR did such a shit job of explaining why I flail over these two. THIS STORY expresses it much better. ♥